Disruptive debugging solutions for .NET applications both on-premises and in the cloud.

Capture Errors

Capture Errors​

Capture complete error execution flow with radical observability into the root cause for a quick and final resolution.

Fix Bug Fast

Fix Bugs Fast

Reduce time spent on debugging by up to 80% to dramatically shorten release cycles while improving the quality of your code.

Deploy With Confidence

Deploy with Confidence​

Establish quality gates to detect runtime errors and prevent faulty deployments from reaching production.

Fearless Debugging across QA, Staging and Production​

Fearless Debugging across QA, Staging and Production

  • Time travel, stepping backward and forward through the code execution flow with radical observability to determine the root cause of the error for a rapid resolution​
  • Do an effective root cause analysis without having to search through endless log files​
  • Autonomously capture and record errors with all relevant information including variable and function values, network requests, database queries and more, in a single shareable link without attaching a debugger. No need to touch running code​

End-to-end solution

  • DevOps/SRE: Define quality gates based on errors across your CI/CD pipeline and monitor system health at a glance
  • Business stakeholder: Discover errors and fix them quickly before they impact your business
  • Developer: Debug with ease in an IDE-like web-based debugger
  • QA: Provide the perfect bug report with a single click
End-to-end solution​

Disrupt Your Debugging Experience

Visual Studio Extension

Powerful and intuitive local debugging that visualizes your code to the deepest level.

  • LINQ debugging that provides visibility, clarity and insights into your queries
  • Predictive time-travel showing how code will execute before you step through it
  • Powerful Visualizations so you can instantly understand what is happening in your code
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