From IDE to Production

Make Debugging Easy, Fast and Intuitive

Understand what's happening in your code

Have a bird’s eye view of what’s happening when your code runs:


    Intuitive extension for your Visual Studio IDE 
    powerful heads-up display, advanced search inside objects, LINQ query debugging, side-by-side object comparisons and more


    Easy to understand dashboard right in your browser for production environment monitoring and effective bug triage

    Seamless Code Editing

    After you’ve made your hypothesis – OzCode can help create and test your fix:


    Live edit code in your IDE in debug mode and see how your changes affect the results by traveling to the future


    Automatically get the snippet of code that threw an exception, then edit, test and deploy – right from your dashboard

    The missing link in LINQ debugging​

    Analyze your queries and see how items are passed through the LINQ pipeline


    Get a graphic representation of your LINQ pipeline


    Understand exactly how what went in and came out of each LINQ operator

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    TimeTravel to the Future:

    Know what's about to happen in your code


    Predict how your code will execute, prevent potential bugs, know everything with predictive data-tips


    Edit the potential futures and travel back and forth through iteration loops


    Visualize the evaluation of your data and your code

    Collaboration Galore

    Coding is rarely a one person job;
    Get all the tools you need to collaboratively debug


    Use LiveShare in your Visual Studio IDE to debug together


    Use the collaboration panel in your browser dashboard to co-debug your production environment, add questions and ask comments right next to your code and statistics

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