About Us

We are fundamentally changing the nature of debugging.
We know that bugs are inevitable, but believe that long
and painful debugging with endless log files and
countless wasted hours is not.

Ozcode is disrupting the art of debugging for C# and .NET applications. Established by a team of passionate developers, Ozcode has created tools that revolutionize debugging by providing radical observability into running code to reveal the root cause of errors. By enabling unmatched visibility into code at exactly the time and place where errors occur, Ozcode provides the insights needed to resolve errors quickly and dramatically shorten release cycles.

Ozcode’s powerful and popular Visual Studio extension has changed how C# code is debugged during development, and the breakthrough Production Debugger provides unmatched capabilities for debugging in QA, Staging and Production environments. From Developers and team leads, through QA professionals and DevOps/SREs to business executives, Ozcode establishes accountability and provides all stakeholders with the visibility needed to fix bugs fast and accelerate software delivery for C# and .NET.

We believe in

Personal accountability

We are committed in heart and mind to embrace challenges, think big, and keep evolving.

Making an impact

We strive for excellence, to constantly improve and reinvent ourselves, and maintain a “can do” attitude.


We meet our deadlines, share our knowledge, and communicate honestly and fearlessly in order to build trust.


We value both our customers and our peers, sustain a positive and kind approach and promote a healthy work-life balance.


Meet Ozcode’s team of dedicated managers.

Shimon Hason


Erez Fliess

Co-Founder & Chairman

Alon Fliess

Co-Founder, Chief Architect, MRD & Azure MVP

Omer Raviv

Co-Founder & CTO

Do bugs bug you as much as they bug us?
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