Null No More

There was once a computer programmer. There had been programmers before this one and there were programmers after him. In that way he wasn’t remarkable but in many, many other ways he was. Sir Tony Hoare was the creator of the Quicksort, Hoare logic and, unfortunately, the concept of null. Speaking at QCon in 2009

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MS Build 2019: The Highlights

Our team just got back from Seattle and Microsoft’s annual Build conference—and what a trip it was. Aside from connecting with the developer community at our booth (more on that later), we listened in on some pretty substantial announcements made by Mister Softee (that’s MSFT’s nickname, for the uninitiated).  Important developments for .NET, Azure Machine

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We Make It Suck Less

Our CTO Omer Raviv often says that debugging, at its worst, turns well-meaning developers into zombies. Blindly hitting F10 or F11, aimlessly wandering through code trying to find a string to grab on to, or staring at the screen not knowing where to start. Debugging has yet to make developers eat brains, but we’re pretty sure it’s come close. Debugging

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