Webinar – Debugging Complex code

Understanding the state of your system is an important part of every debugging session. We want to know what the current values are, how they have changed over time and the difference between the existing state and the expected state.

Finding and fixing bugs becomes more and more challenging as the data becomes more complex and harder to understand, until we reach a point in which finding a single value is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Omer Raviv Dror Helper
CTO & co-founder Dev Evangelist
OzCode OzCode
@omerraviv @dhelper

OzCode allows you to easily find, compare and extract data to help you better understand how the system behaves, and quickly find and fix bugs – no matter how complex.

During this webinar, Omer and Dror will use OzCode’s intuitive features to handle some real-world problems, and show you how easy it is to get started and become a debugging magician!

September 29th 2016
Los Angeles 8 am
New York 11 am
London 4 pm
Berlin 5 pm




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