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Briefly introduce yourself, what is your role in the Ozcode team?

I’m the creator and CTO of Ozcode. For the past five years my main passion and most of my time has been centered around creating a better debugging experience inside Visual Studio. Ozcode started as a garage operation – just me and a close friend hammering out bits – and it’s been an amazing journey to be in a place where so many people around the world are now using it day-to-day and being more productive.

How do you see your role as Ozcode’s CTO?

My day-to-day involves creating an environment where everyone is empowered to be creative.

I think that we have a privilege working at Ozcode. We create a product for other developers – just like ourselves, and so everyone on the team is not only a developer but a product owner and visionary.

The rest of my role is deeply technical – I look down the endless chasm which is creating Visual Studio extensibility. Tearing apart the debugger and rebuilding it. I live in a constant recursion where I debug the debugger that sometimes debugs my debugger.

What does it mean to be a good software developer?

For me a good developer is someone who is constantly learning and improving. A good developer practices ego-less programming – able to dive into someone else code effortlessly as well as learn from feedback about his/her own work. I think there’s a wide spectrum between devs who always go for the sloppy, easy fix, and the perfectionist who will gold plate endlessly and refactor every last line of code to death – I think the essence of being a good dev is pragmatic approach, and finding a balance between the two.

What is your favorite Ozcode feature?

That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child 🙂 but definitely LINQ debugging. It’s my favorite because it’s our most ambitious feature to date. We’re trying to solve the problem of debugging and gaining insights into the run-time behavior of functional code – to the best of my knowledge, no-one has effectively solved that problem before.

What do you do when not writing code

I like hanging out in the extendvs gitter chat channel – taking part at the greater VS extensibility community and when offline I like to play Tennis.

Where can we find you online

The best place to find me is one Twitter. And naturally I also have a GitHub account.



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