Meet the team – Mendi Bronfman

Briefly introduce yourself

First and foremost I’m a father of four – two girls and two boys. Which means that I tend to wake up in the early hours of the day (too early!), when my second daughter and older son (third child) fight who gets to sleep next to daddy.

I’m a QA engineer by trade. I have been working in the testing field for the last nine years – in many innovative and ground breaking projects. In the last two years I’ve been responsible for OzCode’s QA.

What is your role in the OzCode team?

Right now we’re hard at work testing the next release of OzCode – some of which is available today via early access builds. I’ve been working hard, making sure that OzCode works with the upcoming version of Visual Studio.

0ee486aWhat do you like about working at OzCode

As a self proclaimed perfectionist, I enjoy the constant drive for quality that drives every development effort – from the user experience, through new functionality being developed and to design. We all work together to create a product. As a long time tester, I like the fact that my co-workers do not frown or get angry when presented with a new defect or suggestions for improvements; instead they ask – “how can we do it better?”.

What do you like to do when not working

I’ve been known as a bookworm from early age – my main hobby is collecting and reading books. Right now I have more than 4000 books in my library. I also like to write and edit history and philosophy related articles and books in my spare time.

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