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You know better than anyone that debugging is as fun as lying on the beach…covered with jelly fishes. Or allowing the turkey to overcook on Thanksgiving. Or waiting outside an actual store on Black Friday morning. You get the idea.

At OzCode, our focus is to make life easier and smoother for coders such as you. And this Black Friday…much more cheaper, too!

Now you can get a corporate OzCode subscription for just $44 a year – that’s an incredible 75% off! You’ll even get an additional free license on your purchase, more bulk discounts for your co-workers, plus an exclusive free webinar on debugging best practice by our founder Omer Raviv.

The best thing is, you don’t have to trudge somewhere in the cold or squeeze in with the crowd. All you need to do to claim this offer is click on the link below to get your coupon. That’s it: No lines, no countdowns, no staring at the screen.

*Discount applies for the first year and valid for new subscribers only.

Happy Thanksgiving!
The OzCode Team



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