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Our CTO Omer Raviv often says that debugging, at its worst, turns well-meaning developers into zombies. Blindly hitting F10 or F11, aimlessly wandering through code trying to find a string to grab on to, or staring at the screen not knowing where to start. Debugging has yet to make developers eat brains, but we’re pretty sure it’s come close.

Debugging sucks, and that’s why OzCode was created, to make it suck less. 

Considering most programmers spend about half their time debugging this is a sad – but true – state of affairs.

To celebrate the reduced suckitude, we decided to make some shirts and give them away.

Do you want a shirt? Of course you do, they’re awesome.

Here’s what you have to do to get one:

Take to Twitter and tell us why #DebuggingSucks !

What’s your most embarrassing debugging story? Why does debugging suck for you? Is debugging the worst, or is it still better than that DC movie (you know which)? Make sure to use #DebuggingSucks and mention @oz_code so we can find you.

We’ll pick 20 tweets at random and send them a T-shirt.

Don’t like randomness? We’ll also send T-Shirts to the 3 tweets with the most likes and 3 with the most retweets. Easy enough, right? So get to tweeting!

Keren Barzelai


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