5 must-have OzCode features I use every day…

During our work as software developers we tend to spend a lot of time debugging instead of writing code. We think that if we just design the hierarchies, structures, classes and architecture properly, the app will work fine upon running…

Needless to say, this is not always the case!

I’ve recently discovered OzCode, which is a visual studio add-on that assists you during debugging, and since then I’ve been using it daily.

OzCode has many features but I’ve noticed there are some features I use more than others and so here is my list of top 5 OzCode features (there are many more) that I use on a daily basis:

Magic Glance

This feature enables you to see a summary of each line after you stepped through it, so you can see the change of the value of properties in the function without the need to hover over those properties. Let’s see an example:

When you step in the function you will see the value of the field inputNum


And with every step you take, you imminently see the changes in your code.
On the last line in the method you can see that the value of field inputNum has changed, from 10 at the beginning of the method to 15.


Exceptions Trail

This feature offers the developer a new tool window that presents all of the exception information. No more small popups to endlessly scroll through – just to view the relevant call stack. You can go directly to where the exception happened in the code, and even search in Google and StackOverflow from within Visual Studio.

For example in this procedure we deliberately cause a DivideByZeroException to occur:




This feature allows you to search for a property, a field or a value within a huge object or inside a collection during debugging.

This feature eliminates the need to tirelessly clicking on and looking for a specific value or property.


Conditional Breakpoints

This is a really cool feature. It enables you to add a Conditional Breakpoint on a specific with a single click. Just hover over the property and select “Add Conditional Breakpoint” and OzCode will add the conditional Breakpoint and fill the predicate for you.



Quick Attach

The old QuickAttach window of Visual Studio is obsolete. Introducing the new QuickAttach window of OzCode!

View recently attached processes, use the built in search and quickly pin a process for Quick Attach with a keyboard shortcut.


And there’s more

All the features I have mentioned in this post are features that I use regularly at work, and using them came very naturally.
OzCode really helped me improve my debugging skills and it is promised to reduce the time you spend on debugging, giving you more time to write code (so that you could spend more time debugging it 😉 ).

BTW: There are many more cool features (some of them more complex) to this great tool, and I’d love to hear about your favorite ones in the comment section below.

Rami Honig


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