Datadog Acquires Ozcode

Datadog Acquires Ozcode

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Datadog has acquired Ozcode!

When we started Ozcode, our goal was simple. We wanted to reinvent debugging and give developers the tools they need to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues so that they have more time to craft high-quality code. Over time we served thousands of developers and more than 1000 organizations.

Debugging errors with traditional tools and methodologies is a long, tedious process requiring enormous amounts of work because developers lose visibility once the code is deployed to an environment where they cannot use a debugger. They must scour logs and frequently release new versions of their services just to add additional logging so they can truly understand the root cause of an error and develop a fix. No wonder developers spend more than 50% of their time debugging code.

With the rapid shift from monolithic applications to distributed cloud-native solutions, things have gotten out of hand. In modern cloud workloads, where code execution spans from microservice to microservice, developers struggle to pinpoint where precisely an elusive error began. In the absence of proper tooling, understanding the chain of causality that led to a failure in a microservice or serverless environment is becoming impossibly complex.

A couple of years ago, we launched the Ozcode Live Debugger. This tool leverages time-travel debugging and dynamic logging to enable efficient and collaborative troubleshooting of code in both production and pre-production environments. We heard our customers’ stories on how Ozcode cuts down error resolution time while improving collaboration among developers, SREs, DevOps engineers, and QA to boost customer satisfaction.While working with hundreds of developers over this time, it became clear that Live Debugging complements observability.

We understood that it should be deeply integrated within observability platforms, allowing true shift-left observability while engaging all relevant stakeholders without creating more silos of tools and processes.

A few months ago, we launched in the Datadog marketplace, allowing users to integrate Live Debugging into Datadog’s comprehensive observability platform easily.

We are extremely excited by the opportunity to build an even better product on top of the Datadog platform and deliver on the promise of code-level observability by tightly integrating live debugging into Datadog’s existing product offerings.

We thank our customers, users, and partners for their continued support. We could not have made it here without you. We will continue to work hard to provide you with the best debugging experience possible and are very excited about what’s coming up next. Stay tuned.

We would like to thank our investors, Elron Ventures, and TPY Capital. Ozcode started as a bootstrap company and operated under the radar. When we started working on the Live Debugger, Elron Ventures and TPY Capital saw the potential and invested. Their people helped us in many ways and were always willing to roll up their sleeves and help and we appreciate that.


If you’re a current Ozcode customer, you will continue to have access to your existing services and we’ll reach out to you all in the next few weeks to discuss.


For a look into what this means for Datadog, check out their announcement here.

Omer Raviv, Shimon Hason, Ozcode

Omer Raviv, Co-founder and CTO

Shimon Hason, CEO

Omer Raviv


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