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To effectively resolve incidents in Production and pre-Production environments, Developers, QA, DevOps and SREs need to collaborate with code-level visibility into the data on those environments. That's why we launched Ozcode's collaborative Production Debugger.

Ozcode has been solving developer debugging pains for years. The tremendous adoption of our Visual Studio Extension showed just how badly developers need data to resolve bugs. But when we saw that debugging pains don’t go away when a build is deployed, we understood that solving debugging pains must be extended beyond the developer’s IDE. We launched Ozcode’s live collaborative Live Debugger a year ago with exactly that in mind. Here’s what happened.

A thousand people from small and large enterprises across industries and geographies have joined our early access program and started using the Live Debugger. Together, we are growing as a community of software professionals from various disciplines who are discovering that there’s more to debugging than initially meets the eye. We knew developers would come on board since they are the clearest winners of digging into Production environments and seeing why things are going wrong. Finally, extracting data from Production was easy – no more endless cycles with code changes only for deploying log files.

Debugging with log files - Ozcode

But we were also betting on others, and indeed they came. We found QA testers using the Live Debugger to provide (what we think of as) perfect bug reports. With Ozcode, gone are the days of, “It works on my machine.” And then, DevOps engineers started to get very interested. We believe this will be a DevOps trend in 2021 because nowadays when we meet with customers, DevOps engineers are taking a front seat in the discussions. DevOps engineers have seen how collaborating with developers on resolving Production incidents using the Production Debugger does wonders for DevOps KPIs like MTTR. Now, it’s not surprising that companies adopting the Production Debugger first try it out on test environments before installing it on Production. But we also found that many companies continue to use the Production Debugger on pre-Production environments in QA and Staging. This kind of “shift-left Production Debugging” also improves DevOps KPIs with fewer bugs making it through that final deployment to Production (think Defect Escape Rate).

Ozcode Production Debugger - LEARN MORE

With a thousand development, QA, and DevOps engineers running the Live Debugger on Production and pre-Production environments, the flow of feedback has been tremendous. Everything from UI to low-level algorithms has changed based on feedback we have received. We strongly believe that it’s this power of the community that helps us refine our platform to build a great product. As a token of thanks to our growing community, we are announcing the Always FREE Edition of Ozcode Production Debugger for teams of up to 5 users. We are convinced that debugging live QA, Staging, and Production systems should be available to everyone in the field and believe that this free offering will make debugging collaborative and much simpler for thousands more software professionals in the coming year. Our “Always Free” edition allows teams of 5 users to run 100 agents and debug a million events every month. This is an offering that can bring real value to an organization even before widespread adoption on its Production and pre-Production environments. Here are all the details of Ozcode Always Free.

If you’re ready to get on board, sign up here.

Ozcode Live Debugger - ALWAYS FREE

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