OzCode v2.0 Webinar

Back to the Future Webinar

With OzCode v2.0, we’ve added many features that boost developers’ productivity.

Our mission is to to help developers find bugs quicker and more efficiently, and so we introduced the concept of a “Head-Up Display” for the debugger, and added predictive “fortune telling” capabilities.

These features give developers live feedback on the changes they make while​ debugging, eliminating the need to restart the debugger over and over again!

Omer Raviv Dror Helper
CTO & co-founder Dev Evangelist
OzCode OzCode
 @omerraviv  @dhelper

In this Webinar, Omer Raviv and Dror Helper will show you how OzCode’s Predict​ lets you look into the future, and ​Magic Glance​ helps you investigate the past.

To wrap up, they will unveil a prototype of a new feature the OzCode team is working on:

A re-imagined LINQ debugging experience! 


February 17th 2016
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PST 8 am

ET 11 am

GMT 4 pm



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