The Complete Archive of C# .NET Debugging Resources: Best Practices and Handy Tips

A selection of guides on how to approach debugging your code, how to actually solve certain bugs in C# and what tools you can (and should) use

If you’re a developer, you probably know by now that most of your time is NOT spent on writing awesome new code.  

In fact, some companies report up to 75% of dev time is spent on debugging, and though usually a lot of this time is spent solving the issue (reproducing, designing, testing, fixing bugs, refactoring – all instead of actually writing new lines of code) – identifying the problem before designing and implementing a solution can be a tricky process, which, as of today – is not really being taught anywhere. Not to mention the process of sitting in front of your application and not understanding why something is not working as expected can be super frustrating. 

Frustrated, much?

So, we gathered some of the best debugging resources we could find, in order to bring you a selection of guides on how to approach debugging your code, how to actually solve certain bugs in C# and what tools you can (and should!) use. 

**This post will be updated occasionally to stay relevant. Please share good articles you’d like to see here in the comments, and we might add them! ** 

Debugging anything 

Hackernoon – How to debug any problem

This is a great article which not only takes you through the steps of finding and solving bugs – but takes it one step further: suggesting classifying your bugs and implement tests. This article is a great, practical step by step guide to approaching problems and creating better code. 

Geeks For Geeks: Software Engineering Debugging Approaches

If you ever find yourself stuck in front of a bug, feeling you’ve tried everything you know – read this. It’s short and concise, provides a high-level overview of different approaches to debugging, all waiting for you to take your pick and try something new. 

Learn: Problem Solving and Debugging

Another great step-by-step guide to debugging. Has some great tips on how to avoid bugs, as well, showcasing a few code design methodologies to help you write code that’s easy to debug such as Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) 

Hartley Brody’s Blog: Beginners Guide to Debugging

A begginer’s guide to debugging code – this is not very different than the guides above in the general order of the debugging steps, but tips #9 + #10 are CRUCIAL, especially for young developers. 

Debugging C# / .NET 

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Debugger Tips and Tricks

Microsoft’s own tips and tricks to using the Visual Studio 2019 debugger. Learn how to make better use of the tools and functions that are built into your Visual Studio IDE. 

Michael Shpilt’s Numerous C# Debugging Guides

In Michael’s Blog, you’ll find many debugging resources. This first one is Michael’s comprehensive guide to debugging in Visual Studio. He also has: 

The Complete C# Tutorial – Intro to Debugging

A comprehensive, interactive guide to debugging C#. According to the site, this is part of a general C# comprehensive course and is consisted of:

  1. Introduction to debugging
  2. Breakpoints
  3. Stepping through the code
  4. The tool windows
  5. Advanced breakpoints

Tim Corey’s Debugging Post – No longer available…

Tim Corey’s fantastic guide to debugging in C#, which includes a detailed, hands on video walking you through solving different bugs in a (bug ridden) hour-logging system. 

Tim’s guide is a great combo between a general intro on how to approach debugging, and useful tools, tips and tricks to help you solve all the problems in your code. 

Tim has removed the Debugging manual and is now offering a full blown C# Debugging Class as part of a full C# Foundations Course (or separately)

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