OzCode Webinar in German!

We are happy to announce that, in co-operation with bbv, we will be hosting a Webinar on OzCode v1.0 in German, presented by our friend Philipp Dolder. Here is the full announcement from Philipp:   Hallo, ich bin Ihr Gastgeber, Philipp Dolder, Software Architekt bei der bbv Software Services. bbv Software Services ist ein Schweizer

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OzCode v1.0 is Released!

Following a great effort from both the product team and early adopters, we’re excited to finally announce that OzCode v1.0 is officially released and available for download! It’s been a long journey for us! We’ve been working tirelessly to bring you a rock-solid debugging experience in Visual Studio, and now we’re at the finish line!

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Simplify, simplified!

We’ve just released a new update of OzCode, which includes a multitude of bug fixes, and also: Keyboard Shortcut Galore ‘Simplify’ now lets you use the debugger to inspect variables and method return values comfortably without constantly dragging the mouse to hover over the variables (or glimpsing at the Autos/Watch window). As you Step Over

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