A new v2.0 beta is out, and it’s the most exciting one yet!

We are extremely thrilled to announce a new version of OzCode v2.0 beta!

In this version, we are finally unveiling the final piece of the OzCode v2.0 puzzle, with two fabulous new features, Historical Simplify and Magic Glance, which work together to give you a whole new experience of debugging and live-editing your code!

These features are only supported on VS2013 and VS2015.

OzCode’s HUD Gets a Makeover

We went ahead and gave our UI a nice little make-over, for a more minimalistic look and feel. We think it looks awesome, what do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

Historical Simplify

We’ve all been there. You find the bit of code you want to debug, put a breakpoint, start debugging it, and suddently get a sharp pain in your neck when you realize you stepped over too far, and now you’re going to have to restart the whole thing.

Never again!

With this update, as you step through code, OzCode will remember what happened in each step, and by clicking the glasses icon, it will show you a historical view:

Don’t want to use the mouse? You can use a set of keyboard shortcuts to travel through time and see what happened! Hit Alt+Q to visualize the current line of code. Or, hold down the alt key while debugging, and then tap a digit (1 – 9) to pick the statement you want to visualize, 1 being the most recent.
Alternatively, you can just use the Alt+Up Arrow or Alt+Down Arrow to navigate between the different lines of code!

Magic Glance 

When you turn on Magic Glance, OzCode will show you a summary of each line as you step through code:

The Magic Glance feature brings a whole new meaning to the term “Live Coding”. This makes fixing “stupid little programming mistakes”, like forgetting to add a null-check, really intuitive. In the next example, we accidentally put a larger-than instead of smaller-than. The Magic Glance makes this very easy to see, and Edit & Continue lets us fix this on the fly:

These are very exciting times for us at OzCode, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this latest release. As we near the full release of v2.0, which will be Sim-shipped with VS2015, we would really appreciate any feedback you could give us.

So what are you waiting for? grab the new v2.0 beta, and let us know what you think!

Magically yours,
The OzCode Team



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