Announcing OzCode Early Access Preview- already supports VS15 Preview!

Hello from sunny San Francisco!

We are posting this entry straight from our expo booth at //build 2016, where our team is drawing quite a lot of attention and excitement, showing off OzCode’s capabilities and a snippet of what’s in store for the future of debugging in C#!

Since Microsoft released Visual Studio “15” Preview two days ago, our team has been frantically testing the latest build of OzCode, and we are more than happy to announce the release of OzCode Early Access Preview, which already supports VS15 Preview!

We are very excited about this new version, and the fact we’re able to put this beta in your hands less than 48 hours after Microsoft released their Preview.

Please note that this version of OzCode does not yet support the “Bootstrap Installer”, but only the full VS15 Preview Enterprise edition.

And lastly, since this Beta is an EAP (Early Access Preview), there might be a few wrinkles that we haven’t found yet, so please let us know if you run into any annoyances.

So, isn’t it time to take it for a spin? 


► Click here to Download the Early Access Preview bits, you’ll find these and other new magic tricks inside: 


Improved compare

Compare was always one of our favorite features and we wanted to improve its functionality and ease of use. 

  • Once you choose an object, all comparable objects will be highlighted.

  • When comparing two strings, Compare will now launch your favorite external Diff tool, or Visual Studio’s internal Diff tool, making it super easy to spot the difference between long strings, like two XML documents.Currently supported options include Beyond Compare (v3 or v4), KDiff, WinMerge, Araxis Merge, and Tortoise. Don’t see your favorite Diff viewer on the list? Let us know!
  • We’ve made it super-easy to compare different items inside collection(s). We’ve also added the ability to see the differences between up to 5 items, all at once!


Another improvement is that when you save a snapshot of a given object, it will now persist across debugging sessions! You can save a snapshot of an object, stop your debugging session and close down Visual Studio, and then come back the next day and compare a live object to the snapshot you had saved!


This is another feature that we’ve been wanting to build for a long time and now it’s finally here, allowing you to export objects to the format of your choice!

You can even export an object to C# code and easily create a Unit Test using the values from your last debug run!

We currently support JSON / XML / C#, and we’d love to hear what other formats you’d like to see supported.

For the JSON output, we’re using Newtonsoft.Json, the Json serializer everyone and their mother is using, which makes it super easy to work with.

Export to Excel

Another cool Export capability that’s limited to collections is the ability to Export to Excel. Want to figure out some irregularity in the List<T> that you’re looking at? You can now open up an Excel worksheet with all your data right from the debugger, in a single click, and easily take advantage of every tool Excel has to offer for analyzing it!

Even better Exception Highlighting

In OzCode v2.0, we’ve added some support for highlighting meaningful information about exceptions, such as highlighting which part of a statement was null when a NullReferenceException occurs. In EAP, we’ve made a few very noticeable improvements.

First off, when an exception is thrown by a call to 3rd party code, OzCode will highlight the name of the method in red! Additionally, if the exception is an ArgumentException, the problematic argument is highlighted in red as well. Here’s a real world example:

Or, if you break inside the method that just threw an ArgumentException, the parameter declaration itself will light up in Red:

Vector icons

In this version, we invested in making OzCode more high-DPI friendly. You’ll notice that all of the icons OzCode uses have been switched to a much-nicer-looking vector-graphics version! Note however, that in the Early-Access-Preview, the OzCode ToolBar itself is still not High-DPI compliant, but every other thing in OzCode should be. If you have any issues or notice any bad-looking visuals while using OzCode on a High-DPI environment, please let us know!

As with each release, this revision also includes a bunch of UI tweaks and improvements, as well as a general bump to the overall performance of OzCode. We are eagerly awaiting your feedback on these new features, and look forward to an even more exciting future for OzCode and Debugging! 


Magically Yours,

The OzCode Team 




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