Announcing sim-ship with Visual Studio 2017 RC

vspartnerToday is a big day for Visual Studio users, with the release of (and we can finally call it by its proper name) Visual Studio 2017 RC. We are sure many of you are digging into the new bits, and you can already check out our first impressions on this extremely promising release.

For the second year in a row, OzCode has been selected as a Visual Studio Sim-Ship Partner, and today we are excited to release a version of our Early Access Preview which is Visual Studio 2017 RC Ready. Needless to say, this also means that as soon as VS2017 RTM is out, we will be shipping a version of OzCode that supports it upon release.

Download the Early Access Preview

With the introduction of the new Visual Studio installer, our EAP has now been split into two installation files:

Installer for VS2017 (VSIX)


Installer for VS2012, VS2013, VS2015 (.exe)


Please keep in mind that this is an early preview release, which means that there may still be some minor hickups. Please bear with us while we sort those out, and let us know if you run into any annoyances.

We are proud to continue this tradition of ensuring support for new versions of Visual Studio as they are officially released, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this latest edition of Debugging Magic.

Stay tuned for some more exciting news in the coming weeks, and make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to not miss all the latest news straight from from our devteam.

Magically yours,

The OzCode Team



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