Great news: OzCode v2.0 beta now supports VS2015 RC!

We are very happy to announce a new v2.0 beta release, which now includes support for Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate! It has been a race against the clock to finish up this release before catching a flight to San Francisco, where our team is now proudly showing off OzCode’s latest and greatest at Microsoft //Build Developer Conference 2015.




You will notice that the Reveal feature is not yet supported in VS2015, but we are working on this with the debugger team at Microsoft. We promise to bring it back as soon as we can, and guarantee that it will be fixed in time for the Visual Studio 2015 RTM release. The other features are all working great in VS2015, but don’t take it from me: Try v2.0 beta for yourself  🙂

This version also fixes some conflicts we had with other 3rd party extensions (e.g. CodeMaid) in the previous update. If you’ve had an issue where you installed or updated the beta and none of the features worked, it was probably caused by this conflict. Please do try again with the new bits!

And now for the real icing on the cake: We can proudly announce that for the first time in our history, we will be sim-shipping a version of OzCode v2.0 that fully supports the Visual Studio 2015 RTM when it comes out. This is a great milestone for us, and we hope it sets a standard of ensuring support for new versions of Visual Studio as they are officially released.

Check out the News section on our site for more exciting things to come, or even better – follow us on twitter to see what our team is up to 🙂

Magically yours,
             -The OzCode Team




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