New OzCode 1.0 Beta Release: UX Makeover Galore!

The wait is over! New OzCode 1.0 Beta release is here!

We’ve been hard at work on OzCode as we’re nearing the v1.0 Release, and one of the most pressing issues we faced was to streamline the user experience. One of the most important things for us is stay out of your way as much as possible, yet be there to provide you with most contextual assistance. We’ve done a lot of work analyzing and improving the OzCode experience, based on your feedback, and we believe we’ve managed to blend usefulness with simplicity!

Here’s what’s new in this version:


Magic Wand

The Magic Wand becomes available when hovering over any field or property within the DataTip, and it allows you to quickly perform most contextual operations that are available, without ever leaving the DataTip! Things like Showing all instances of the variable’s type, creating a Conditional Breakpoint on its value or tracing a value are now all conveniently available in one place.


One of the property  values looks strange? Want to see how it’s calculated? You can Go to Definition of that property, and it will take you to the place in code where this property is defined!

If the value is a collection, you can create a filter to select only the items you want to see:


QuickActions Improvements

We’ve received a lot of feedback about OzCode’s QuickActions, and made numerous improvements!

First, QuickActions now live in their own margin on the left side, never obstructing any code from view:

Selecting any one of the more contextual actions will underline the expression it applies to.

Next, we’ve added a new class-level QuickAction, to allow you to quickly add (or remove) breakpoints in every member in class!

In addition, new margin items now appear on fields, properties, and methods and classes and offer useful QuickActions.

Finally, we made most of those QuickActions visible to you by default during debugging (break mode), and they will not appear while you’re editing code (design mode), however even when writing code, QuickActions are still available to you by pressing the QuickActions shortcut Ctrl-Alt-D.


Search Improvements

We’ve made lots of improvements with the Search, Compare and Show all Instances features, by allowing you to cancel the search (if it takes too long), or skip any property which takes too long to evaluate, to avoid a time-out.



Many more bug fixes and improvements added, too numerous to mention! As always, you can read the latest Version History.


We Want You! (to tell us what you think)

As we’re nearing our first public release, we’d like to remind you that OzCode is FREE while in Beta, which means you can use it without a license key, until OzCode v1.0 is released. During this period, we urge you to contact us via UserEcho, Twitter or Facebook to let us know if you have any issues or suggestions!

Magical Debugging!
  -The OzCode Team



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