OzCode v2.0 is released (Sim-shipped with Visual Studio 2015) !

It’s been just over a year since v1.0 of OzCode was released, and we have come a very very long way since. Our team has been working around the clock to make v2.0 a huge step forward, significantly improving performance and adding some truly remarkable new features! As part of these improvements, we made the brave choice to re-write OzCode’s core to use the new Roslyn compiler-as-a-service platform, and this decision has opened up countless ways in which we can make OzCode better.

Once again, if you already own a license to OzCode v1.0 – check your email.  You’re going to find a really nice surprise waiting for you.

Big News for Visual Studio 2015 Users

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for – Visual Studio 2015 RTM has finally arrived. And… OzCode v2.0 is released right along with it, with full support for the VS2015 RTM.

If you’re currently using the VS2015 RC, you’ll have to upgrade to the RTM before you can use the version we released today.

Once you do, you’ll notice this very pleasant surprise: In VS2015 RTM, OzCode’s Predict will work in situations it never worked before, and will be able to predict results of 3rd party methods, such as LINQ operators:

So, let’s recap. Here are some of the main highlights in v2.0:

Magic Glance

Our most revolutionary feature for v2.0 is definitely Magic Glance which can be toggled by clicking the  icon (or by pressing the   +  +   shortcut).

Magic Glance gives a new meaning to the term Live Coding by showing you a summary of each line as you step through the code. It makes fixing small silly mistakes extremely intuitive, by pointing them out before they cause a problem!

Simplify 2.0

Following your feedback, we’ve given the Simplify feature a major face-lift, making it more intuitive and accessible. You can now use the arrow keys to navigate Simplify, and a red/green color coding will tell you exactly which expressions returned false/true, respectively. The red  or green  indicate the result of the entire expression.

Moreover, Simplify will now show you a historical view, as you step through the code. No longer will you have to restart debugging if you’ve stepped over too far, simply click the  icon, and OzCode will show you what has happened in previous steps.

If you’re a keyboard person, we’ve made some useful shortcuts for you to time travel without lifting your palms: Hit   +   to visualize the current line and then use  +   or  +   to navigate between the different lines of code.You can also hold down the   key while debugging and then tap a digit (  –  ) to directly pick the statement to visualize.


With v2.0, we’ve added Predictive analysis of code execution (or as we prefer to call it: Fortune telling!) to OzCode’s capabilities. The predict feature can tell you what’s about to happen in the debugger.

In the following switch statement, you can see the arrow pointing to where we’re going to go when we hit F10, and irrelevant code paths are made semi-transparent.

So what are you waiting for? Start your free and fully functional 30 day trial now!

Let us know what you think by leaving a message on our UserEcho page, sending us an email or contacting us through twitter or facebook.

Magically yours,

     – The OzCode Team






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