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Ozcode dramatically enhances your Visual Studio debugging experience enabling you to quickly find the root cause of bugs in .NET applications and fix them fast. With powerful tools that dissect your code and visualize it to the deepest levels, Ozcode makes debugging easier that you ever dared to imagine. Fix bugs fast, craft more code.

LINQ Debugging

Ozcode elevates LINQ with debugging capabilities that provide visibility, clarity and insights into your queries. Both the lambda-based API and SQL-like queries are supported.

  • Numeric indicators show the number of items selected after each operation in the query.
  • Data tips show which items an operator has produced. Change your query and instantly see the new results.
  • LINQ analysis window visualizes the flow of the query so you can easily navigate the LINQ pipeline.
  • Predict exceptions before they are thrown, even in convoluted LINQ queries.


When stopped at a breakpoint, Ozcode predicts how your code will execute without you having to actually step through it.

  • Annotations Show the values of variables going forward.
  • Time travel across loop iterations and see the value of different variables over time.
  • Live-coding. Edit your code while stopped on a breakpoint, to see how your changes will affect all values.

Heads-Up Display

Simple yet powerful visualization instantly show what is happening in your code.

  • Red/green Boolean expressions. Boolean expressions are evaluated and color-coded before you step through them providing insight on how your code will execute.
  • Conditionals. If/else and switch/case expressions are evaluated to see which of their parts will execute.
  • Annotations. See all relevant values in line as you step through code. OzCode Breaks down your expressions to their individual parts.
Heads Up Display
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Data Tips

Ozcode provides radical observability into your data letting you drill down to any level in a data object.

  • Search. Quickly and effortlessly search member names and values, regardless of the size of the collection or complexity of the object graph.
  • Conditional search. Search collections using custom predicates; from logical expressions to any complex logic you have in mind.
  • Reveal. “Star” the properties you are interested in to customize how an object appears in the debugger so you can focus on the data that really matters to you.

Additional Features

Custom Expressions

Customize how an object is displayed in the debugger by adding a calculation to it. The object is displayed just like any other member of the same type.
Ozcode Custom Expressions

Export (Instant Unit Test)

Grab objects and save them as JSON, XML or C# code. Create unit tests from objects you see on a breakpoint to quickly reproduce the exact same scenario in a test!


Easily compare objects and collections in memory, just like doing a “diff” in the debugger! Compare local variables or take a snapshot to compare the same object across different points in time!


Add tracepoints for dynamic logging on-the-fly at key points in the program’s execution. View traces in the editor’s trace viewer to understand where things went wrong. Easily diagnose complicated multi-threaded bugs by analyzing a linear log of execution, right from within Visual Studio.

Ozcode Tracepoints

When set… Break

Enable breakpoints only when specific variables are set and a set of conditions are met.

Conditional Breakpoints

Set up a conditional breakpoint based on a specific property value, and prefill the predicate with any value you want to test.

Process Attach

Choose from a list of recent processes. Pin processes to assign a shortcut key and instantly attach to the selected process without going through a tedious dialog.

Contextual Quick Actions

Versatile, intuitive and capable, the Quick Actions menu offers the most relevant actions according to your current context.
Contextual Quick Action

Show All Instances

Effortlessly find specific objects in memory according to specific properties and their values to quickly understand why they’re still there.
Show All Instances

Ozcode Visual Studio Extension
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