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Ozcode gives back to the developer community by supporting open source projects with a FREE YEARLY LICENSE for its industry-leading Visual Studio Extension

We understand how valuable your time is and want to cut your debugging time by enabling you to quickly find the root cause of bugs in your open source .NET projects

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Open Source Licenses are available free to non-commercial open source software development projects that meet the Open Source definition, have a dedicated website, and an active community.

If you provide paid services for your open source software or distribute paid versions of your open source software, a license may or may not be granted to you at the discretion of the responsible license officer. Please contact us to check the available options.

How to apply?​

To apply for a free license for your Open-Source (OSS) project,
please make sure that your project meets the following criteria:

Oss License Terms

Site license model

The software can be installed on any number of computers and used by any number of concurrent open source project members.

1-year Terms

A license is provided for a period of 1 year and allows for free upgrades to all new releases of the software within 1 year. License renewal is available on request.

Non-transferable restriction

Use of the software is restricted to a licensed user with no right to transfer the software to third parties.

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Renew your oss license

If you already have an OSS license and would like to get it renewed, please send an email to support@oz-code.com indicating the number of your license certificate and a link to the latest release pages of your project or something that indicates your project is alive and kicking!

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