This FAQ is designed to help answer your questions as you begin to explore our tool. While we have tried to anticipate many of your questions, you may have others that we did not answer below. To ask a question, please go to our UserEcho community page.

Can I submit questions privately?

Yes, simply click “Leave us a private message” on our UserEcho community page. All communication marked as private is visible only to you and to CodeValue engineers.

Can I disable one or more of OzCode’s features?

All of OzCode’s major features can be disabled independently; check the options dialog by navigating to: OzCode’s Menu -> Options

I'm not seeing Simplify on statements I stepped through!

Simplify will only show you historical results in VS2013 and VS2015.

If you're using VS2012 or VS2010, you will only be able to see a predictive analysis of the next statement to execute (the 'yellow line').

What is OzCode’s “Enhanced Mode”?

Enhanced Mode is a feature that is now deprecated in OzCode v2.0.

Can I temporarily disable OzCode?

Sure, just go to OzCode’s Menu -> Options, and uncheck the first checkbox.

Which versions of Visual Studio does OzCode support?

OzCode officially supports Visual Studio 2010, 2012 2013, and 2015. OzCode doesn't work in Express editions, but does work on the free Visual Studio Community Edition.

Which languages does OzCode support?

At the moment OzCode supports C# only. We plan to add support for more languages in the future.

Where can I find the OzCode End User License Agreement (EULA)?

Our EULA can be found right here.