C# Developer

We are looking for senior C# developers who want to improve the productivity of other developers. You’ll have the chance to create a product that makes debugging in production as easy as developing in your IDE.

The job includes working on a multi-service ASP.NET Core application. We’re using, amongst other things, SQL Server, MongoDB, Entity Framework Core, and Identity Server. Beyond the server side, you’ll work on our .NET agent, which reports debugging information from the customer’s machine in production. The work includes deep understanding of all .NET technologies that our customer might be using.

You will have the opportunity to work with some of the key leaders in the .NET community, including Microsoft MVPs and MRDs. The technological challenge is very much beyond the standard .NET application, both in technology and the actual engineering challenge.

  • Join a team to develop a cloud-based debugger as a service application
  • Drive architecture of our new Production Debugging tools
  • Develop the server-side of our SAAS product
  • At least 5 years of experience in C# development
  • Deep knowledge and experience with Microsoft technologies and .NET in particular
  • Experience with ASP.NET
  • Experience with Entity Framework
  • Experience with .NET internals – a PLUS
  • Experience with MongoDB – a PLUS
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Position: C# Developer

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