Java Senior Developer and Team Lead

We are looking for a senior Java developer who wants to improve the productivity of other developers. You’ll have the chance to create a product that makes debugging in production as easy as developing in your IDE.

The job entails creating a Java agent that will attach to any Java process and report debug information from the customer’s machine in production. This will be an equivalent to the existing .NET agent.

The job includes deep familiarity with Java internals. Low level performance optimization is one of the biggest concerns. You will use techniques like code instrumentation to manipulate the customer’s code, while making sure nothing breaks.

You will get to start the project from scratch and build your own team!

  • Create a lightweight Java agent (profiler) from scratch
  • Work vs an existing server and improve it to support Java
  • Build your own team in the company
  • At least 7 years of experience in Java development
  • Deep knowledge of Java internals
  • Knowledge of various Java frameworks (both web and desktop)
  • Experience with conde instrumentation – a PLUS
  • Experience with performance optimizations – a PLUS
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Position: Java Senior Developer and Team Lead

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