Ozcode Production Debugger Release Notes

An Ozcode Production Debugger release is comprised of the following components:

These components progress on independent development paths and may be released individually or in any combination.

To obtain any of these releases, please contact Ozcode support at support@oz-code.com.

Latest Version

The latest version of Ozcode Production Debugger release components currently available are:

Ozcode agent

Ozcode server

Ozcode NuGet package

Date: April 11, 2021
Version: 1.0.4122
*Agent Version: 1.0.4122.20101
Date: April 8, 2021
Version: 20210407.2-2
On-prem installer version: 1.0.4111
Date: March 30, 2021
Version: 1.0.19940
* An Ozcode agent release includes a release version, specified simply as “Version”, and a separate “Agent version”.
The agent version is the number you will see on the Ozcode Production Debugger Agents screen

Ozcode Agent

Version 1.0.4122 (Agent version 1.0.4122.20101) – April 11, 2021

Windows Download 

Linux Download
  • Autocomplete popup for locals when adding a message to tracepoints
  • Fix a bug in agent uninstall
  • Improve IIS installations by doing dynamic registration of OzCode.IIs.HttpModule when the agent loads
  • Support App Services with multiple path mappings
  • Improve instrumentation for “catch-finally” edge cases
  • Add environment variable
  • (OZCODE_DISABLE_TIMELINE) to disable network recording captures on exceptions flow

Version 1.0.4087 (Agent version 1.0.20063) – April 4, 2021

Windows Download 

Linux Download
  • Reduce performance impact on exception capturing methods when not generating snapshots
  • Improve agent performance when creating snapshots
  • Add time-cap for snapshot generation when capturing large objects
  • Fix memory leaks related to AsyncLocal being kept alive by external code.
  • Adding build time and version to symbols
  • Fix race conditions to blacklist modules

Windows: Version 1.0.4005 (Agent version 1.0.19695) – March 16, 2021
Download link

Linux: Version 1.0.4003 (Agent version 1.0.19695) – March 11, 2021
Download link
  • Fix a bug in which a tracepoint would be missing due to failure to retrieve the body of an HTTP POST request
  • Fix a bug in which swallowed exceptions would get lost if rethrown without an inner exception
  • Fix a bug in which setting contextual data to NULL would cause an exception leading to missing contextual data tags

Windows: Version 1.0.3946 (Agent version 1.0.19462) – March 3, 2021
Download link

Linux: Version 1.0.3935 (Agent version 1.0.19446) – March 2, 2021
Download link
  • Limit number of timeline spans recorded per async context to avoid memory pressure
  • Fix SignalR loading in .NET Core console app and update reconnecting logic
  • Fix a bug in which tracepoint messages had duplicated expressions
  • Fix a bug in which you could not update a tracepoint message in real-time while recording a tracepoint session
  • Improve tracing for “InvalidProgramException” related issues
  • Fixed blacklisting modules logic
  • Improve agent performance when dealing with large number of exceptions
  • Added several Correlation-IDs packages to contextual data by default

Version 1.0.3874 (Agent version 1.0.19038) – February 22, 2021

  • Fix a bug with blacklist modules for modules that start with popular namespaces.
  • Add Correlation ID and ActivityID to contextual data by agent.
  • Fix a bug in which Tracepoints placed in a function were not triggered after a code change outside the function
  • Agent now reports the build time of a running assembly for tracepoints and exceptions
  • Added support for IIS with LoaderOptimization

Version 1.0.3770 (Agent version 1.0.19038) – February 2, 2021

  • Agent now reports assembly build time in contextual data
  • Agent/Server network traffic is now compressed using gzip
  • Correlation ID is now added to the contextual data for exceptions and tracepoints
  • Activity ID (CorrelationManager.ActivityId) is now automatically captured in contextual data
  • Fix the instrumentation of a bug when using a catch…when clause inside a function
  • Fix a bug in which the wrong exception was reported if some of the functions in the call stack did not have instrumentation
  • Fix a bug related to an exception being thrown while instrumentation was being applied to the call stack
  • Fix a bug related to adding the same tracepoint in two debug sessions
  • Fix a bug in which the wrong execution point was display if the throttler was activated
  • Fix bugs in the C# decompiler that caused tracepoints to be added in the wrong location

Version 1.0.3709 (Agent version 1.0.18813) – January 18, 2021

  • Fix issues related delayed logging of exceptions
  • Improve New Relic integration on Docker Linux
  • Added a module to reapply agent integration after 3rd APM updates
  • Fix an edge case in which the wrong line being executed was displayed  for optimized code
  • Fix a tracing memory leak when the top of the stack is missing
  • Fix an issue with throwing an exception that has an inner exception
  • Registering IIS modules  only for managed code and improve detection of a child process of IIS

Version 1.0.3654 (Agent version 1.0.18645) – January 7, 2021

  • Add support for  .NET 2 and .NET 3.5 sites on IIS
  • Add support for .NET Core 2.1  sites on IIS that take a long time to load
  • Improve agent initialization stability when the IIS thread pool is full on startup
  • Fix several bugs related to “Exception Capturing” issues
  • Improve logging for PII redaction on the agent and on the server
  • Fix a bug in which source code relayed from the agent was not displayed when adding a tracepoint
  • Trace points now also show base members of inherited classes
  • Enable integration with New Relic agent on Linux
  • Fix log streaming on Linux
  • Remove “invalid format specifier” log message on startup
  • Add support for indexers in tracepoint messages

Version 1.0.3519 (Agent version 1.0.18240) – December 15, 2020

  • Agent now sends all symbols extracted from an Assembly and doesn’t fail if one symbol fails to be extracted
  • Fix a bug with capturing tracepoints
  • Fixed an issue where in .NET Core 3.1, Ozcode conflicted with AutoFac and other dependency injection containers that attempt to compose every assembly loaded in memory

Version 1.0.3453 (Agent version 1.0.17957) – December 4, 2020

  • Fix bugs and improve performance related to sending symbols to server
  • Fix agent crash when token is malformed
  • Method with rejit failed now can capture exceptions if on top of the stack
  • Improve exception handling under WebAPI OWIN
  • Improve agent performance throttling on large surge of exceptions
  • When capturing enum, display the enum name and not its integer value

Version 1.0.3382 (Agent version 1.0.17568) – November 17, 2020

  • Improve async support for Linux Docker
  • Improve capturing when function instrumentation failed at top of stack
  • Support adding/removing tracepoints while agent is recording.
  • Improve performance when sending symbols to server.

Version 1.0.3321 (Agent version 1.0.17057) – November 4, 2020

  • Ensure “iis-restart” checkbox is only visible when installing agent on IIS

Version 1.0.3290 (Agent version 1.0.16993) – November 2, 2020

  • Improve startup performance and bugs in agent related to tracepoints
  • Fix duplicated detection of failed-request exceptions and swallowed exceptions
  • Fix issues related to restart IIS after install
  • Fix bugs related to missing time-line information
  • Fix bug in which tracepoint time records the time it was hit and not when the snapshot model was generated.
  • Fix bug in which installation didn’t work when only installing on desktop app.
  • Added support for Umbarco – enable agent integration with LightInject and IActionFilter

Ozcode Server

Version 20210407.2-2, On-prem Installer 1.0.4111 – April 8, 2021

  • Auto-complete popup for locals when adding a message to tracepoints
  • Add a message preview when editing the message on a tracepoint hit that was already captured.
  • Improved error messages in the UI on server issues.
  • Add infrastructure for agent auto-update.
  • Improve UX when filtering tables
  • Code-Tree view now displays unloaded modules as grayed out.

Version 20210329.2-1, No on-prem – March 30, 2021

  • Add build time and version to code explorer
  • Improve code search index

Version 20210311.11-1, No on-prem – March 15, 2021

  • New feature – the code explorer shows all loaded assemblies with namespaces, classes, and functions making it easy to add breakpoints
  • Show unloaded modules in gray if the agent recently went down
  • Improve code search performance (Ctrl+T) with reduced index size
  • Improve search for file names with “.cs” in the search string.
  • Improve agent installation instructions page
  • Agent installation instructions page for on-premises deployments uses offline documentation
  • Fix a bug when related to a tracepoint being deleted while still capturing.
  • Admins can now merge subscriptions if users register to an organization multiple times
  • Add ability to “bulk” delete tracepoint sessions
  • Add ability to “archive hit” in a tracepoint session to hide old tracepoint hits from a session.
  • Improve UX for managing contextual data columns in tracepoints table.

Version 20210222.11, On-prem Installer 1.0.3878 – February 22, 2021

  • New installer experience for simplified installation
  • Windows installer now embeds token and server address to reduce installation errors.
  • Improve tracepoint hits grid performance (support over 1000 hits)
  • Improve tracepoint filtering experience: value highlights and search value inside column
  • Fix bug when searching symbols by entering a filename with “.cs”
  • Fix bug when switching from tracepoint hit locals to exception locals
  • Fix a bug when creating and disabling a tracepoint before starting collection.
  • Enable installation without SMTP for on-premises

Version 20210118.1, On-prem Installer 1.0.3712 – January 18, 2021

  • Multiple improvements to Tracepoints UX
  • Add “Install agent” to drop-down menu to enable quick addition of another agent to the current application
  • Fix broken email URL in @mention emails

Version 20201224.2, No on-prem Installer – December 24, 2020

  • Improve performance of the server when returning from a query for multiple tracepoint hits
  • Fix tracepoint hit message parsing on the client UI
  • Enable no-SMTP setup for on-premises solutions
  • Add connected agents screen for each application

Version 20201203.05, No on-prem Installer – November 23, 2020

  • Fix an infinite redirect loop when trying to accept and invitation
  • Fix a bug to improve data refresh when switching between applications with custom time range
  • Improve navigation in tracepoint table.
  • Improve exception preview: contextual data pane and fix refresh bug.
  • Add contextual data support for tracepoints
  • Data tooltip is now displayed when you hover on the variable name or the HUD balloon with your mouse.
  • Redirect to latest app if the app id in the URL is not valid
  • Add “exceeding usage” notification based on usage after trial

Version 20201116.28, On-prem Installer 1.0.3406 – November 23, 2020

  • Add filter by exception type to dashboard
  • Improve performance when getting logs for snapshots
  • Show log messages as newest log at top in logs tab
  • Fix bug related to wrong invite link when inviting teammates
  • Fix bugs related to Exception details in debug exception screen
  • Adding “log streaming” consent for agent diagnostics.
  • Improve how long exception messages look on the dashboard
  • Show original code of tracepoint when clicking on a trace hit/definition.
  • Add state buttons “ignore/resolve/active” in exception details

Version 20201105.9, No on-prem installer – November 8, 2020

  • Several UX improvements to Tracepoint UI
  • Allow super user to replace subscription owner
  • Fix bugs related to no symbols when adding tracepoints

Version 20201103.3, No on-prem installer – November 3, 2020

  • Adding contextual data to tracepoints
  • Updates to Connected Agent screen

Version 20201021.5, No on-prem installer – October 25, 2020

Version 20201015.11, No on-prem installer – October 19, 2020

  • Add manage columns for Dashboard exceptions table
  • Add time limit on “Capturing exceptions” to 2 months
  • Add time limit on “Recapture snapshot” to 2 weeks.

Version 20201006, On-prem installer version 1.0.3151 – October 7, 2020

  • Fix bugs related to PII Redaction
  • Fix bugs related to tracepoints
  • Several UX improvments for tracepoints
  • Fix bugs related to sign-in for App and Sandbox

Ozcode NuGet package

Version 1.0.19173 – March 30, 2021

  • Change license to MIT

Version 1.0.19173 – Feb 17, 2021

  • Add tracepoint hit integrations

Version 1.0.16995 – November 3, 2020

  • Simplify namespaces in NuGet package


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