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Pricing & Payments

You can only use a Purchase Order to pay for an Enterprise subscription.

Yes, we’re happy to support our community with free subscriptions to user groups and other programs. To get in touch with a user group or meetup in your area, please contact us at community@oz-code.com 

It takes less than 5 minutes to change the payment method in your Ozcode account. Just follow these 2 steps:

  1. Login to the Ozcode portal and click on the button with your name on it in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the Change Payment Method link to change the credit card you have on file with us.

KB Assign Seats - Ozcode Change Credit Card - Ozcode

If you continue to have trouble making payment, contact us at support@oz-code.com.

Let your boss know how much time you save by using Ozcode Production Debugger. Update our team and we’ll reach out to your boss, tell him how effective you have been, and show him how Ozcode can improve your team’s productivity (i.e., save him money). 

Once you add more than 5 seats to your account, you will automatically be upgraded to an enterprise account and get all the perks. If you want to upgrade but don’t have enough users, just contact us at

Yes! We offer discounts for students, currently enrolled in academic institutions. You can apply here.

In most cases, when a credit card is declined, it is because the card has been blocked by the credit card processor. You may call the number on the back of your card and ask the processor to unblock the card for the Ozcode purchase (an online/international transaction by BlueSnap). 


You can also try changing the card you have provided as the payment method in your Ozcode account. To change your payment method, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Login to the Ozcode portal and click on the button with your name on it in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the Change Payment Method link to change the credit card you have on file with us. 

KB Assign Seats - OzcodeChange Credit Card - Ozcode

If you continue to have trouble making payment, contact us at support@oz-code.com. 

Sure. You can purchase an Enterprise subscription with as many seats as you like. Visit our Pricing page or contact sales@oz-code.com 

We accept the following credit and debit cards: 

  • MasterCard 
  • Visa 
  • American Express 
  • Discover 
  • Diners Club 
  • JCB 

Card payments are processed by our third-party gateway. Please note that if your card does not contain an expiration date and security code, it may not be used on our online store. 

For an Enterprise plan, you may also pay through a Purchase Order by contacting sales@oz-code.com 

All your invoices are available through the Ozcode Customer Portal 

To access the payment details section, follow these instructions (images below):

  1. Log in from our website (oz-code.com) with your email & password.
  2. Click on the button with your name on the top right.
  3. Select the “Payment Details” option
  4. In the information row of your subscription, click on “View” to open a link the invoice.

Payment Details - Ozcode View Invoice - Ozcode

We use your address to confirm payment and billing and to determine VAT obligations. We also require your address in order to charge your credit card and to issue you an invoice.  

Subscription Management

As a professional/enterprise user, you get premium support regarding issues (bugs or performance). Enterprise subscribers even get a dedicated success manager to promote feature requests and enhancements, training sessions and more. In addition, you will be able to manage users in your dedicated admin portal.

Yes, you can use your personal subscription at work as well as at home. You can use it working on your personal projects as well as projects of your company. Our EULA does not restrict this. You can install OzCode’s tool in up to 3 different Visual Studio IDEs.

Yes, you’re welcome to use your subscription for any kind of development. However, you are the only one who may utilize your personal subscription and cannot share it with others.

Yes, you can install the product on multiple machines as well as multiple OS’s. However, Ozcode will only allow authorization on 3 different IDEs at a time. Having said that, transitioning from one computer to another is as simple as a mouse click.

Our EULA does not restrict the usage to your home or work, please act according to your company’s standards & regulations.

No, Ozcode’s policy is that personal subscriptions may only be purchased by individuals purchasing with their own funds.

Yes. You can add up to 10 administrators to your account. To do so, open the “Assign Seats” page in Ozcode’s portal.

  1. Click on “Invite another administrator” button.
  2. A new admin row will pop-up, fill in the email address and the full name of the new admin and click the “Invite” button.

An email will be sent to the new admin to generate a password and gain admin privileges to the account.




No, you are welcome to use a free 14 day trial for your evaluation.

Let them know how much you like using Ozcode and the time you save by using it. Update our team and we’ll reach out to your teammates, praise you and set up a demo. Once they’ll see how great Ozcode is, you’ll be the hero!

Once a assigned a seat, the developers will receive an email with instructions for setting up their Ozcode account.

Oh, you’ll have to work hard for that 😉. Here are some things you can do to get some of our awesome swag: 

  • Tweet about Ozcode at least once a week for 3 months straight. 
  • Reference Ozcode in 2 of your blog posts during a 3-month period. 
  • Set up a demo/training session for your organization or for a friend in another organization. 

The administrator can log in and assign a seat to a user by entering their details (email address, first and last name). The users will then receive an invitation email, allowing them to create their password and start Using Ozcode. Users can log in via the “About ” section of Ozcode’s menu in Visual Studio.

You do not need a username, just your email address to log in to both OzCode’s tool and website. To generate a new password, go to OzCode’s website, click on the “log in” button on the top right and click on the “Forgot my password” link (see image).

To navigate between multiple accounts:

  1. Open the Ozcode portal, click on your name on the top right of the page, a drop-down menu with all of your accounts will appear.
  2. Select the account you would like to access from the drop-down menu.

No. A personal subscription is only available to private individuals who purchase with their own funds, and solely for their own personal use.

Yes. Just let us know and we’ll work with you to make the transfer. Contact us at sales@oz-code.com 

Usage & Features

All of Ozcode’s major features can be disabled independently by navigating to Ozcode’s Menu -> Options -> Features (see image).

Yes, you can use Ozcode in case you usually disconnected from an internet access. The online approach will help ensure you are automatically getting all the latest product features & performance improvements that are included in your subscription. In the offline version you will need to download the latest Ozcode version every once in a while. To enable an offline license, contact our support team at support@oz-code.com.

Ozcode`s Time Travel (Predict) feature is unable to predict native functionality. It requires executing the code as opposed to virtually simulating it (as the Time Travel feature does), this might include network calls, interactions with files and getting OS information.

To enter your subscription into OzCode, you don’t need a license key. You can simply log into OzCode using your email and password. To access your license (see images below):

  1. Open Ozcode in VS
  2. Click on the “About” button
  3. Select “Login”
  4. Type in your email and password, and you’re done!

We do not fully support Xamarin. Ozcode’s debugger is currently limited to Reveal, Search, and Trace features. Other features are either disabled or very limited – specifically, the Heads-Up-Display (HUD) will not show predictive results, and will not visualize managed method return values after you step over a line of code. However, the parameters HUD is available.

Once you install Ozcode in more than three IDEs (maximum limit per 1 user), a pop-up window with de-authorizations link will appear. In that window you will be able to select the relevant IDEs to install Ozcode on.

You can also de-authorize any of your machines through our de-authorization page. Please be sure you’re logged in before clicking on this page.

We love to hear what our customers want, you can add a new feature request or vote up existing requests on our feature requests page.

You can change your password directly from the reset password page.

Also, you can reset it by opening Ozcode’s portal and clicking on “Forgot my password”.
In the change password page, enter your email and click on “Reset Password”, to receive an email with a link that will allow you to set a new password.

For Visual Studio 2019: Inside Visual Studio, go to Extensions > Manage extensions Then in the list of installed extensions find Ozcode and click Uninstall.

For Visual Studio 2017: Inside Visual Studio, go to Tools > Extensions and Updates Then in the list of installed extensions find Ozcode and click Uninstall.

For Visual Studio 2015: In Windows go to Control Panel > Uninstall a Program and then choose Ozcode from the list.







You can use up to three Visual Studio environments with one Ozcode subscription. If you need to use the debugger on a fourth Visual Studio, you can simply de-authorize one of the other machines. When you try to log-in with the fourth machine, a message will pop-up with a link to the authorization page where you can control which machines are authorized.

To enable the Heads Up Display (HUD), click on the grey ‘cup’ icon in the left margin next to the lines of code (see image). The ‘cup’ will turn blue once activated.

Currently Ozcode supports C# applications running on top of the .NET Framework and .NET Core. Currently, we don’t support the Mono runtime.


Absolutely, Ozcode works seamlessly with ReSharper! In fact, our team uses both simultaneously all the time while developing Ozcode 🙂.

We currently do not support Visual Studio on Mac OS. You are always welcome to visit our feature requests page and add your request.

Yes, there is a non-admin Ozcode version you can download. Please contact our support team at support@oz-code.com to get it.

Yes, you can find a demo project at %AppData%\CodeValue Ltd\OzCode\OzCodeDemo.sln or download from GitHub.

Tips and Tricks

With Ozcode’s Quick Attach, you can bind a key to quickly Attach to Process!

Click on the Ozcode menu and select Create a Dump and Open it to create a snapshot while debugging!

When debugging huge collections, use Ozcode’s Filter feature to focus on the interesting items

By now we all know that Ozcode’s time-travel will save you from doing Step Overs (F10) while debugging.

But what about Step Into (F11)?

Debugging is full of Step Into‘s and Step Outs (Shift + F11). Each time you step in or out of a method, you lose context.

Your mental load increases. Time-travel debugging allows you Step Into a method, without changing the yellow debugger line:









We call this Go to Execution. Here are some features it allows:

  • The method parameters are highlighted to clarify where each argument from the calling method ended up.
  • Go to Execution will work more than once. You can Go to Execution as many levels deep as you want.
  • When using Go to Execution on a method within a loop, changing the loop iteration in the top level will change the prediction in the inner method accordingly.

Ozcode’s Trace features makes multi-threaded debugging much easier!

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