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Ozcode v4.0:

New features in V4

  • Time travel debugging
    • Predict the future
      Ozcode predicts code execution all the way to the end of the method, predicting the values of everything along the way.
    • Predictive DataTip
      Improving the VS DataTip, Ozcode’s DataTip shows the value of the expression while it is evaluated.
    • Editing the Future
      Works with VS ‘Edit and continue’ to see whether your bug-fix was good or not as soon as you lift your fingers off the keyboard.
    • Loops and If & Switch statements within loops
      Time travel across loop iterations without having to Step Over, so you can never go “too far”.
    • Go to Execution
      Step Into a method without changing the yellow debugger line.


Release notes

  • Version – 7 March, 2021
    • Restored compatibility with Visual Studio Preview
  • Version – 4 November, 2020
    • Fixed issues in Ozcode Heads-Up display
    • Fixed a LINQ compatibility issue connected to the release of a recent version of Visual Studio
  • Version – 26 July, 2020
    • Improved LINQ support with .NET Core 3.1
    • Improved LINQ support for Entity Framework
  • Version – 27 May, 2020
    • Fixed magic wand issue popup disappearing
    • Auto-expanding root item in Quick Watch
  • Version – Jan 30, 2020
    • Fixed LINQ issues in .NET Core 3
    • Fixed HUD issue with null comparisons
    • Fixed Tracepoints not showing in VS 2019
    • Fixed dependency conflicts with ICsharpCode.Decompiler
  • Version – Jan 27, 2020
    • Improved: Ozcode’s performance.
    • Fixed: Performance of Visual Studio 2019.
    • Fixed: Issue with TracePoints in Visual Studio 2019.
    • FixedIssue with Heads-up display.
    • Fixed: Issue with Search feature in Visual Studio 2017.
  • Version – Nov 10, 2019
    • Improved: Performance in Ozcode installation and startup
    • Fixed: Tracepoints feature compatibility with VS 2019 (versions 16.2 and higher)
  • Version – Oct 23, 2019
    • Added: Repeat last search functionality for QuickAttach
    • Improved: Time Travel feature, performance time and unique properties
    • Fixed: LINQ data-tip window appearance in over 3 screens
  • Version – Sep 8, 2019
    • Added: “Clear on Each Run” button added to the Tracepoints Window
    • Improved: LINQ feature performance
    • Fixed: Issue with Export to Excel feature
    • Fixed: Issue with DataTip appearance (over 2 monitors)
  • Version – Aug 6, 2019 
    • Fixed: Issue with rotating Time Travel (Predict) button
    • Fixed: Issue where Visual Studio 2019 freezes
    • Fixed: Issue with exporting to excel not working
    • Fixed: Issue where Visual Studio 2019 hangs for 10-15 seconds
  • Version – June 30, 2019
    • Added: Improved DataTip (tooltip) behaviour on hover
    • Improved: Extra contrast theme User Interface
    • Fixed: Issue where Ozcode would freeze when working with UnityContainer
    • Fixed: Issue with Quick Attach
  • Version – June 5, 2019
    • Fixed: Issue where Ozcode is ‘Unable to cast object’
    • Fixed: Issues with logging in to Ozcode in Visual Studio
  • Version – May 12, 2019
    • Fixed: Issue where Ozcode would freeze on VS2017
  • Version – April 17, 2019
    • Fixed: Issue where an error message appears after every step
  • Version – April 10, 2019
    • Added: Info logs for async evaluation
    • Fixed: Issue where Time Travel (predict) does not appear in a specific case
  • Version [Official release] – April 2, 2019
    • Added: Support for predicting int.TryParse and int.Parse
    • Fixed: Exception when break on Foreach
    • Fixed: Crash due to InvalidcastException

Ozcode History: 


New features in V3

  • LINQ debugging
    • Numeric Indicator
    • LINQ DataTip
  • C#7 support
  • Export – Save instances as C# code, XML or json
  • Brand new ‘Compare’

Release notes

  • Version
    • Many small bug fixes and perf improvements, bumped version to v3.1, see blog post
    • Fixed issue where Ozcode sometimes caused VS to hang with “Evaluating expression” dialog
  • Version (27/5/2017)
    • Added: Support for debugging IQueryables with the full power of the Ozcode LINQ Debugging functionality.
    • Added: Support for debugging a partial IQueryable in case input is very long.
    • Fixed: Issues with keyboard focus where using LINQ feature caused keyboard input not to do anything, until you click back inside the code editor.
    • Fixed: Several cases where LINQ Debugging would fail to show results in Query Comprehension style queries with multiple `from` or `join` clauses
  • Version
    • Fixed: Several cases where installing Ozcode v3.0 VSIX failed.
    • Fixed: Several cases where LINQ Debugging would fail to show results
    • Fixed: Issue where “Log In” would fail when connecting through some old deprecated transparent proxy software
  • Version:
    • Fixed: Further improved VS2017 startup performance
    • Added: Support for VS2017 RTM


Release notes 

      • Version
        • Fixed: Issue where installing into VS2015 would only install into Administrator account
        • Fixed: Performance issue in Compare QuickAction
      • Version:
        • Fixed: Fixed an issue with VS2017 startup performance
        • Fixed: Some cases where LINQ feature did not work
      • Version: (16/12/2016)
        • Fixed: LINQ feature not working properly in localized versions of VS
        • Fixed: LINQ feature not working properly in some cases where the query contained the (?.) null propogation operator
        • Fixed: LINQ feature not working properly in some cases where the query uses a mixture of Query Comprehension syntax and Fluent syntax
        • Fixed: Issue where entering one’s license key did not work if only VS2017 RC is installed on the machine.
        • Improved: Perf of switching between the different operators in the LINQ feature
      • Version (29/11/2016)
        • Fixed: LINQ Analysis window sometimes did not render all purple lines correctly
        • Fixed: In some cases, hitting down-arrow to navigate the LINQ DataTip would navigate to the bottom of the list instead of just going to the next item
        • Fixed: IntelliSense did not work in Tracepoint Editor in Design Mode
      • Version (16/11/2016) – Sim Shipped with VS2017 RC
        • Supports VS2017 RC
        • Fixed New HUD Customization tab does not work well on 4k displays
        • Fixed LINQ feature some times does not play nice with FluentAssertions
        • Fixed some more reliability issues in VS2015 Update 1 with regards to MEF Component Cache failures
        • Improved Text readability in Dark Theme when using the Classic Ozcode theme
      • Version (8/10/2016)
        • Fixed reliability issues in VS2015 Update1 where Ozcode would sporadically fail to load due to MEF Component Cache failure.
        • Fixed bug where an Ozcode Style affected all TextBlocks in Visual Studio, adversely affecting several other VS extensions
      • Version (26/9/2016)
        • Added New tab under Options which allows the user to customize the Ozcode Heads Up Display UI.
        • Added “minimalistic” UI theme which makes Ozcode’s UI consistent with the CodeLens UI
        • Added Ozcode is now installed as a VSIX extensions into VS2015, meaning you can dynamically Enable/Disable it via Tools->Extensions and Updates
        • Improved Preview thumbnail shown when hovering over a process in QuickAttach window is now more reliable and updates in real time
        • Improved ToolBar icons and all glyphs within the Ozcode DataTip/QuickWatch now use CrispImages (vector images) and look sharper on a 4k display
        • Fixed When comparing the same property within different items in a collection, Ozcode would display the same object twice.
        • Fixed The “Search Deeper” button is not clickable within the LINQ Analysis ToolWindow
      • Version (19/7/2016) – for full details, see announcement blog post
        • Added support for debugging Query Comprehension (aka “SQL-style”) LINQ queries
        • Fixed many different scenarios where clicking on the LINQ numeric indicator did not do anything
        • Added When the LINQ analysis feature fails, the relevant error message appears in a pop-up
        • Improved Drastically improved the performance of the switching between the breadcrumbs in the LINQ Analysis Tool Window
      • Version (1/6/2016) – for full details, see announcement blog post
        • Added support for debugging LINQ queries (fluent syntax only)
        • Added ability to Export an object into a textual representation (JSON/XML/C#)
        • Added ability to Export a collection to an Excel worksheet
        • Added When using Compare on two strings, a diff viewer pops up. This can be configured to be either the Visual Studio Diff Viewer, or a 3rd party diff viewer via Ozcode->Options.
        • Added You can now customize the colors used in Ozcode’s UI using the Visual Studio Theme Editor extension
        • Improved Greatly improved the UX of the Compare feature
        • Fixed performance issue where stepping over a Switch statement sometimes caused long delays

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