Case Studies

Mike McLoughlin

Owner, Champion Software

Champion Software’s error resolution process was slow and painful. The company found itself dealing with 40 – 50 support calls per day. Upon installing Ozcode, Champion Software could identify bugs even before customers noticed them and fix them without needing vague customer descriptions. By reducing the number of support calls by 90%, Champion Software now has much more time to develop features providing more value to its customers.

Ulrich B. Boddenberg

Owner, Senior Consultant, and Software Architect

You can’t keep running a process to reproduce an error in a provisioning protocol that takes hours. You have one shot to debug it before you redeploy.

White Papers

Static vs. Dynamic Logs - White Paper - Ozcode
While playing a critical role in error resolution in live systems, static logging has limitations, and in practice, 99.99% of static log messages are never viewed by a developer. But these limitations can be overcome by dynamic logging.
Ozcode Live Debugger Security - White Paper
Security is built into Ozcode Live Debugger from the ground up. At Ozcode, we adopt a DevSecOps mindset across the organization to ensure that every element of our customers’ data is secure.

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