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Make sure your production systems are performing optimally,
driving your business and keeping your customers happy.
Ozcode promotes productivity across the software development lifecycle enabling you to deploy better applications faster while keeping your production systems free of errors. By making it easy to fix errors, Ozcode liberates your teams to work on new features and deliver more value.

Protect Your Business

  • Identify and fix errors before your customers notice anything is wrong
  • Minimize MTTR for any bugs that do impact your productions systems
  • Find the root cause of errors to ensure they don’t recur. “Fixed” will really mean the bug has been fixed
Protect Your Business
Ozcode Autonomous Exception Capture
Empower Your Teams

Empower Your Teams

  • Give your teams the tools they need for code-level root-cause analysis so they can fix bugs quickly
  • Promote cross-team collaboration to keep your teams working together towards the common goal of fixing errors
Zero code changes

Zero code changes

Install lightweight agent
in 5 minutes

Run anywhere

Easily deployed on-premises or in the cloud.
Azure, AWS, Windows and Linux
Low footprint

Low footprint

Less than 3% impact on
runtime performance
Debugging Azure Functions with Ozcode

Remote Debugging for Azure Functions Can Be a Breeze

Serverless architectures are gaining traction in the software industry, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them rise on a similar curve that we have seen with microservices. But the ephemeral nature of these short-lived units of execution makes it very difficult to debug them. How do you debug code that only throws an exception under very special circumstances, and then disappears?

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Ozcode Production Debugger for .NET
Fix Bugs Fast

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