Ozcode for DevOps/SRE

Detect errors automatically in QA, Staging and Production. Establish quality gates to block faulty deployments early in the DevOps pipeline.
Ozcode goes beyond static code analysis and upgrades your DevOps pipeline by analyzing runtime behavior.
Ozcode ensures application health and enables fast recovery from production errors.

System Health at a Glance

  • Get a high level view of all exceptions over time through one convenient dashboard
  • Trace exceptions back to the first deployment in which they were introduced
  • Establish severity of exceptions based on the number of users they affect
  • Identify which specific services were involved in an error
System Health at a Glance
Full Team Collaboration

Full Team Collaboration

  • All team members get the same link and work on the same data and code version
  • Drill down into detailed error information to see time travel code execution flow, logs, networking, database requests and more
  • The collaboration panel keeps communication tight and on point

CI/CD Integration

  • Define quality gates based on Ozcode and prevent deployments with errors from being promoted up your CI/CD pipeline
  • Automatically prevent both regressions and new errors from going undetected
  • Ozcode Production Debugger runs alongside your application without requiring any change to your codebase
CI/CD Integration
Zero code changes

Zero code changes

Install lightweight agent
in 5 minutes

Run anywhere

Easily deployed on-premises or in the cloud.
Azure, AWS, Windows and Linux
Low footprint

Low footprint

Less than 3% impact
on performance

Ozcode Production Debugger for .NET
Fix Bugs Fast

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