Ozcode for Developers

Powerful and intuitive debugging on QA, Staging and
Production environments, just like in Visual Studio.
Ozcode takes the pain out of debugging. By capturing the code execution flow, Ozcode enables you to
travel in time through the specific scenario that threw an exception. This makes it easy to quickly
determine the root cause and fix the bug, all in a simple and intuitive web-based debugger.

Autonomous Exception Capture

  • No need to reproduce the bug or recreate the environment
  • Get a direct link to view the code in the scenario that caused the exception
Ozcode Autonomous Exception Capture
Ozcode Radical Observability

Radical Observability

  • View all information needed for a root cause analysis including variable and function values, network requests, database queries and more.
  • See the timeline of events leading up to an exception including HTTP requests. You can even trace events across microservices
  • Get an aggregated view of all log entries


  • Pinpoint the exact moment of failure as it threw the exception in a Visual Studio-like web-based debugger
  • See the value of all variables and method calls across the whole call stack for every line of code leading up to the exception
Ozcode Time Travel

Full Lifecycle Debugging

  • Debug across QA, Staging and Production
  • Easily deployed as a lightweight agent – no code changes required
  • Completely non-intrusive with up to 3% impact on performance
Zero code changes

Zero code changes

Install lightweight agent
in 5 minutes

Run anywhere

Easily deployed on-premises or in the cloud.
Azure, AWS, Windows and Linux
Low footprint

Low footprint

Less than 3% impact on
runtime performance

Ozcode Production Debugger for .NET
Fix Bugs Fast

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