Ozcode Production Debugger

Close the gap between observability and debugging by putting production data in the hands of developers.

Ozcode is the only data driven debugging platform that puts production data in the hands of the developers so they can short-circuit the loop between finding errors in production and fixing them in code.

Traditional Production Debugging

Traditional Production Debugging

Production Debugging with Ozcode

Production Debugging with Ozcode
OzCode minimizes the time spent fixing errors in .NET applications. OzCode removes the need to reproduce bugs, shortening release cycles and improving application health across Dev, QA, and Production.
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Fix production errors without digging through logs, APMs and tools created for other teams


Provide the perfect bug report
with a single link

Easily connect a production incident
to the code that caused it

Give your developers the data they need
to fix production issues

Install lightweight agent
in 5 minutes

Easily deployed on-premises or in the cloud.
Azure, AWS, Windows and Linux

Low footprint

Less than 3% impact on
runtime performance

Ozcode Production Debugger for .NET
Fix Bugs Fast

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