Ozcode for QA

Create the perfect bug report for developers and
put an end to “It works on my machine”.
Ozcode autonomously records the code execution flow of an error along with the associated logs, network and
database requests into a simple, shareable link. This empowers QA to deliver the complete context developers
need to time-travel through the code, quickly find the root cause of the exception and resolve the bug.

Autonomous Exception Capture

  • Errors automatically show up on the Ozcode dashboard as soon as they occur
  • Easily track which application versions exhibit an error and automatically detect regressions
  • Evaluate bug severity by the frequency that it occurs and the number of users affected in Production
Ozcode Autonomous Exception Capture

Perfect Bug Reports

  • All error information assembled in a single link - execution flow, logs, networking, database requests and more. No need to attach anything else!
  • Share the link and dispel any question of reproducibility. Keep everyone aligned with the same data
  • Direct developers to the application error state on the exact version on which it occurred and empower them to fix it
Zero code changes

Zero code changes

Install lightweight agent
in 5 minutes

Run anywhere

Easily deployed on-premises or in the cloud.
Azure, AWS, Windows and Linux
Low footprint

Low footprint

Less than 3% impact on
runtime performance

Ozcode Production Debugger for .NET
Fix Bugs Fast

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