Visual Studio 2019 - Debugging Tips and Tricks

This Webinar was hosted by Omer Raviv, OzCode’s CTO and co-founder, on June 27th 2019. In the webinar, we covered some of the most important improvements in VS 2019:

  • Data Breakpoints –
    Debug mutating states with ease using the new ability to tell the Visual Studio debugger to break when a particular value changes.
    • Enabling Data breakpoints using .NET core
    • Implementing data breakpoints
  • Search in Watch Windows –
    Find the needle in the hay stack of your code – right in your debugger, no IFs: search values and property names with the new search capabilities.
    • Search Values or property names
    • Comparing and filtering results found in search
  • Live Share –
    A shift in how developers collaborate to work on the same code: sharing the functionality while keeping the individual settings.
    • The benefits of LiveShare over regular screenshare
    • LiveShare and time travel debugging

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